Zion Williamson is settling perfectly in New Orleans while respecting his roots in Spartanburg

Zion Williamson NBA debut will have to wait at least a few weeks to recover from a knee injury. But while his return to court is pending, Williamson’s star status is already in full swing.

Zion Williamson is settling perfectly in New Orleans roots in Spartanburg
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The # 1 general project selection in June has already signed massive deals, made appearances on television and partnered with products such as Mountain Dew. He also drove him to the city of New Orleans. In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Williamson enthused about his new base of operations. He could not identify a thing he liked because he loves everything: food, views and people. However, what he likes most is the feeling he has of not being there.

“I learned the city and I know it,” said Williamson. “There are so many good places, every time I go to a new place, it’s different, but everywhere I go, I feel a sense of love and community, it’s amazing, honestly. listen, but experience it and part of it, it’s two different feelings, it says a lot about the city of New Orleans. community. ”

Williamson loves his new home, but he will never forget where he started: Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina. When his new partner, Mountain Dew, proposed a way to merge his roots, future, and personality into one project, he seized the opportunity. Thus, murals have emerged on two restored yards of Stewart Park in Spartanburg.

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“The mural was created after my association with Mountain Dew, because it was made because Mountain Dew likes to dive into the lifestyle inside the hoop,” Williamson told Yahoo Sports. “They know I like superheroes, comics, cartoons, cartoons, things like that. They know that my name was made in Spartanburg, where they introduced me to the world. And also, they took another part of me as new to New Orleans and got a New Orleans artist, Ceaux Young. Then the Spartanburg Court, the New Orleans artist and my taste for superheroes, cartoons, cartoons and everything else join him and the mural is created. ”

Zion Williamson, As the pelicans season is ready to officially start in five days, the next chapter in Williamson’s life is about to begin. He spent some time exploring New Orleans, but in his spare time he buckled his belt and kept things simple: hanging out with his teammates and family, going to the gym and listening to J. Cole a lot. It takes time for himself, but as a beginner, he wants to be as focused as possible on the team, telling Yahoo Sports: “Win a league and have an impact on the team, it would be the season recruits of my dreams. ”
In fact, he is so focused on the team that he does not even want to think about what the

Pelicans compare to other teams like Los Angeles Clippers or Houston Rockets.
“I do not really see it like that,” said Williamson. “I can not look so far right now, if I’m honest, we have a new team, we have a lot of young players, so I think we’re still meeting and trying to find our potential and learn to work as one. ”

However, he revealed a personal goal.
“I’ve always been taught that the success of the team would lead to individual success, but I’m trying to win the rookie of the year award. But that’s not my main goal. My main goal is to help pelicans win. ”

As the Pelicans start their season on Tuesday against the Toronto Raptors, fans will have to wait a little longer to see him start his Rookie of the Year campaign. But do not worry, Sion is coming.