Who is Wayne Allyn Root, the Trump radio host site to declare himself “King of Israel”?


President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning issued a series of tweets to defend himself against accusations of anti-Semitism. In one of the tweets, he quoted someone who said he was like “the king of Israel”.

It was quite strange. It gets even stranger when you discover that the person cited by Trump, the right-winger, Wayne Allyn Root, is a rampant and strange plot theorist. It is also, as many have pointed out in social networks, a so-called “Jew turned Christian evangelical”.

“President Trump is the greatest president for Jews and for Israel in world history, not just for the US He is the best president for Israel in world history,” said Trump, according to Root, “and the people The Jews in Israel love him as if he were the king of Israel, they love him as if he were the second coming of God.

“But American Jews do not know him and do not like him, they do not even know what they are doing or saying,” Root added.

“Wow!” Trump reacts, thanking Root for his kind words.

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Root is a moderator of Newsmax, Trump’s television channel, Chris Ruddy. He has long been an unconditional ally of the President. Last year, he spoke at one of its events.

Root is also a rampant plot theorist. Following the shooting in Las Vegas, where gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on a music festival and killed 58, Root said unfounded: “A clearly coordinated Muslim terrorist attack Pray for our police Las Vegas Pray for the victims Too bad, horrible. ”

Root refused to withdraw from the conspiracy theory that was patently false and has since asserted repeatedly without any evidence that ISIS-led the attack. The fake tweet remains on Twitter.

According to Right Wing Watch, who documented Root’s numerous relations with the rattlesnake, the expert also supported the conspiracy theory that Seth Rich was killed by order of Democratic officials; promoted birtherism and claimed that Barack Obama is a Muslim; He said Obama and Hillary Clinton had homosexual relations; and says that Robert Mueller is “a little pervert” animated by “the envy of the penis”.

The root also likes to declare Trump a messiah for the Jews. In an opinion piece for Fox News after Trump’s election, Root said, “Donald is our first Jewish president.”

“Donald is a long-time businessman from New York who made a fortune in real estate. You can not be more Jewish than that, “he explained.