Who is the flower in ‘The Masked Singer’? All signs indicate Patti Labelle

Patti LaBelle

The Flower finally made its appearance in The Masked Singer, and viewers and judges believe they have discovered the celebrity identity of this plant. (Except for Nicole Scherzinger, who guessed Mariah Carey, a celebrity who is probably too busy to be on a reality show with her ex-husband Nick Cannon). Before the episode of October 9, fans flooded the Internet with theories. that Big Bang Theory actress, Mayim Bialik, was the flower (do you understand, why Blossom?). But after the broadcast of the episode, fans watch another A-list.

Who is the flower of the masked singer?

In a brief package of tracks posted on YouTube before the episode of October 9, fans thought Bialik was the celebrity of this piece: “I blossom in all the areas where I am and I am here to diversify myself again . ” On one side, Bialik was the star of 90’s Blossom show. He has also excelled in many fields because he holds a doctorate in neuroscience and is an actress, according to National Geographic.

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But once Flower came on the scene, Twitter’s theories began to change. In the pre-presentation kit, Flor mentioned his success in “cooking, crafting the clothes”, for which Bialik is not known. But you know who it is: the singer Patti Labelle.

OK, of course, Labelle is best known for her singing career. But the queen of R & B is more than a dazzling voice. According to an article by Vanity Fair, Labelle has resurfaced in recent years as a renowned chef. As for clothing, Labelle launched a clothing line in the early 2000s, according to UPI. Although her resume does not contain any details, Labelle is clearly a creative person who could probably become artistic if we asked for it.

Another rather subtle clue was a framed rainbow flag hanging in Flower’s kitchen. The rainbow flag has long been a symbol of the LGBTQ + community that Labelle has supported for years. In fact, in an interview with Georgia Voice, Labelle credits her years of success to the gay community.

“Gay fans are one of the reasons, one of the most important: I’m still standing,” he told the publication. “They loved me when other people tried not to do it.”

Fans rushed to share this theory on Twitter, and were not interested in any other opinion.

Of course, the judges were not so convinced. Although Labelle’s name was mentioned, the judges also thought that Jessie J, Bjork and Jennifer Hudson could be suitors.

It will take another week to discover the identity of the Flower, but we would be willing to pay Miss Patti money.

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