What is the complete form of USB?

USB is the abbreviation of the Universal Serial Bus. When we talk about how to connect computers to the electronic devices we have, these buses are very useful. They are used for connection, communication or power supply and, in accordance with industry standards, are defined as connectors or cables or communication protocols.

To fulfill the purpose of data transfer and for the supply of electrical power between various peripherals, for example, printers, keyboards, mice, digital cameras, scanners, external hard drives and flash drives, multimedia devices, etc., Universal Serial The bus is successful and reduces the workload. It also lowers power consumption and is best used for data storage purposes.

The story

In 1994, seven companies together, namely Compaq, Nortel, Microsoft, Intel, DEC, NEC, and IBM in a developed USB group. To facilitate the process and comfort the user when connecting external devices to the PC, USB has been developed. Windows, Mac, etc. They use a USB device and consider it a very useful component.

How to connect USB devices to a computer?

To establish the connection between USB and computers, simply insert the USB device into the USB port of the computer. After inserting the device, it will automatically detect it and continue to work on it. You do not have to restart the computer after inserting the USB device into the computer. Most of the time, Universal Serial Bus Drive is used as a USB device.

The different sizes of USB connectors are,

It can be micro-sized.
It can be of mini size.
It can be standard size
USB benefits
USB is cheap.
The USB has a robust connector system.
USB has a real nature plug and play.
USB power consumption is also low.
At the same time, up to 127 USB devices can be connected to a PC.
In terms of usability, the Universal Serial Bus is very useful for achieving this goal.
The USB can be of different sizes and its types of connectors are also available in a variety.
Each device containing the USB port is configured with USB.

USB disadvantages

Compared to other systems, data transfer is not very fast.
Between the device and the host, only unique messages can be communicated and Universal Serial Bus does not provide the transmission function.
USB performance and capacity are limited.


What is the complete form of USB?

1. Unidirectional serial bus
2. Universal serial bus
3. Standard unidirectional bus
4. Universal standard bus
Answer: Option 2


Is the modem used primarily for?

1. Mainly for the file system
2. A modern empty memory module
3. Connect to the Internet
4. none of these answers
Answer: Option 3


Does data integrity refer to?

1. Centralization of data
2. Data security
3. Duplication of data
4. Data accuracy
Answer: Option 4