What are the start dates for 2019?

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In the UK, many children are returning to school this week to start a new school year. This means that parents had to stock up on new uniforms, shoes, and stationery to prepare their children for a new year of study. Although the new school year is just beginning, many parents and teachers are already wondering when the school holidays will be held this year. If you want to plan in advance and want to know the deadlines for the new school year, here you will find everything you need to know. What are the school hours for 2019? During the fall semester, most British schools will finish on October 25 for the first semester of the new school year, then resume their studies on Monday, November 4th. Then, schools will remain open until the Christmas holidays, which begin Friday, December 20 and last two weeks until Monday, January 6.


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In the spring, schools will finish mid-term on Friday, February 14, and students will return on Monday, February 24, followed by Easter holidays starting Friday, April 3. The children will then leave for a period of two weeks and many will return Monday, April 20, but will return to class for a few weeks, the next semester beginning Friday, May 25. On their return on Monday, June 1st, students will resume their classes until the end of the school year, which will be around Monday, July 20th.


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