USA basketball team. Vs. Turkey: Americans escape with the exciting victory OT 93-92 to pass the second round

USA UU USA basketball team. Vs. Turkey
Donovan Mitchell (R) of the US tries to take a shot during the Basketball World Cup Group E game between US and Turkey in Shanghai on September 3, 2019. (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP)HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP/Getty Images

It cost them all they had and more than a little luck, but the American team. . He escaped his battle against Turkey with a 93-92 overtime victory. The Americans needed two free throws from Jayson Tatum just for the match to go on and they lost up to five points when they got there. But Turkey missed four consecutive free throws on the stretch that could have allowed it to win. Khris Middleton punished them for that, making two free throws at the other end of the hand, just 2.1 seconds from the end.

Middleton, who had problems throughout the US team’s schedule. . So far, he was his best player in this game. He led the way with 15 points, but the most important is that the Americans beat Turkey by 17 points when he was on the field. He was the only American player to have a positive two digits, and his full game saved the US team.  From his first defeat in Turkey at the World Cup.
With two games less, there is only one game remaining for the Americans in the first phase of the World Cup groups. This will be against Japan, their weakest opponent of the tournament. The Japanese team is 0-2 so far with a points differential of -32. It’s the 48th world team according to FIBA, so the American team.  I should not have any trouble sending them on Thursday.
Assuming they are in charge of the case against Japan, they will move to the second stage of the group as the winner of the group E. If they join them, it will be the winner of the Turkish confrontation against the Czech Republic as well as the top two teams in Group F. Although Brazil does not appear to be a major threat to the American team leaving this group, the Americans will probably face their biggest test of the tournament to date, against Giannis Antetokounmpo and Greece.
The US team UU. He will likely be favored in this match, but his near-defeat against Turkey has revealed cracks. It’s not the invulnerable American monster we’re used to seeing on the international stage. This team must make great progress if it plans to compete with the best teams the rest of the world has to offer. Here are the main conclusions of the victory on the return of the United States team:
Just when the rotation was established …
The US team UU. He used the same starting lineup in consecutive games for the first time on Tuesday, but just when things started to be repaired, they were thrown into a curved ball when Jayson Tatum fell with a sprained ankle in prolongation. Now, not only is an initial space open, but 31 minutes of playing time from today’s game must be completed.
The first candidates to fill it? Middleton and Joe Harris. They combined for 26 points on four of the seven shots on a three-point range. Gregg Popovich has put a clear focus on space with his alignments so far, since the US team.  He played more than eight minutes in this match without a real center on the floor. Expect one of them to replace Tatum in the initial training and take more minutes each time Tatum is away.
Inside the vault
The American team It was four times more than Turkey and 11 free throws. They won the rebound battle, the rotation battle and the assistance battle. So how did they almost lose the game? The Americans were terrible inside the vault.
The US team UU. He shot 35% at two points from this match. Middleton is the only American player to have made more than half of his two-point attempts and scored three out of five. Turkey flourished with these same blows. Ersan Ilyasova fired eight times out of 14 and led all scorers with 23 points. Turkey scored 24 shots in goal in this match for team 13 of the United States. It was almost the difference.