United States basketball team: Jayson Tatum to recover from ankle injury for possible semi-final against Argentina on Friday, report says

The US team UU. He will continue without striker Jayson Tatum, injured in the ankle in the final seconds of the tight victory of the Americans against Turkey in the group stage, and has not played since. According to the Athletic’s Joe Vardon, Tatum was not ready for France, but he should return to the game for a possible semifinal match against Argentina, if the United States advance Wednesday.

Tatum was an absolutely essential element of this victory over the Turks. He was fouled in a potential three-point attempt to win the match at the end of the settlement, after which Turkey led by two points. Tatum sank two of three free throws to send the game in overtime first. Khris Middleton made the free throws with 2.1 seconds to go, eventually defeating them, but Tatum led the decisive game.

Tatum has become the holder of the American team. UU. Since the beginning of the tournament. He was second in the team with just over 31 minutes of playing time in his last appearance and finished the game with 11 points, 11 rebounds, three assists, two interceptions and two blocks. He may not have been effective in the win, but this kind of full game is exactly what the Celtics expect of Tatum next season.

In his absence, the Brooklyn Nets sniper, Joe Harris, joined the initial training and was well acquitted. His three-point shot is extremely valuable in a FIBA ​​setup that includes more field defenses and fires 9 times out of 16 from the back of the tournament.

Several star players have ceased to be considered for the US team. UU. Before the start of your training camp last month. Injuries were a great reason. After the terrible fracture in Paul George’s right leg before the 2014 World Cup, many of the NBA’s most important stars simply felt that the international game was too risky for their professional prospects. . Tatum’s injury was not so bad, but offers a chance for players who might consider staying out of the Olympics next summer. It’s a big loss for the American team. UU. In more ways than one, it will be imperative for Tatum to return to health as soon as possible.