Tyson Fury runs the risk of reopening an eye injury as WWE Raw

Tyson Fury, Braun Strowman and he compete in the ring against Deontay Wilder on the horizon. Tyson Fury may be competing for the title with Deontay Wilder, but that did not stop the boxer from fighting in the WWE.

The heavyweight was in the ring Monday night for a face-to-face meeting with Braun Strowman to continue his enmity, which began Friday.

“Tonight I’m here to apologize,” Fury told WWE superstar. He felt hurt by the 6-foot-8 fighter and was expelled from the SmackDown arena when the barricade jumped in an attempt to confront him.

“I was trying to have fun when I saw Tyson in the ring,” Browman said.

“If you want to take it seriously, you can do it. He could have those hands.

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However, the conversation did not last long and the men quickly began to point fingers, Fury and the “Monster among the Men” crossing two squads of security guards to face each other. It was a courageous gesture from Fury, considering that he had just removed 47 stitches from a cut above his eye during a battle against Otto Wallin.

After security did not separate them, the other WWE Superstars flew on the ramp to separate them. Strowman left the ring for an interview and then decided to ask for another opportunity. Then, the couple continued to fight after Raw left the airwaves and should lead to a meeting at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view party in Saudi Arabia.

Everything is going well to help promote the WBC title fight with Wilder in February.

“Tyson will not be able to do any physical exercise for two months. Then you will have to start training just before or just after Christmas to reach the seven or eight weeks you will need at camp to be ready by mid-February.

In late September, his promoter, Frank Warren, revealed that Fury would not be able to exercise for two months in order to fully prepare for the hard Wilder, adding that he could begin to train just before or just after Christmas to enter. The time needed to be ready.

“Fortunately, it was a clean-cut, not irregular, so it was not necessary to reopen it for plastic surgery,” he said about the eye.

“But we will still have to make sure everything is fine. It’s always a risk with boxing. A stroke can change everything. “