Turkey, Trump’s green light to raises fears over ISIS detainees

Turkey, Thousands of ISIS prisoners of war from around the world are being arrested by Syrian Kurdish forces that Turkey plans to attack.

President Trump’s sudden blessing of Turkish military operation in northern Syria and his announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from that region have raised questions about the plight of thousands of ISIS detainees targeting the Turks, the Kurds. Syrians backed by Americans stop. improvised prisons in wartime.

Trump insisted that Turkey should take responsibility for captured Islamic State fighters and their families. But what will happen to them is far from clear, and a series of problems arose from the abrupt, albeit still blurred, change in Trump’s policy.

The situation is deeply complicated. For the moment, Kurdish-led Syrian democratic forces control the north of Syria. They were the main ally of the United States in Syria in the war against the Islamic State. They led the worst part of the conflict on the ground, with the support of airstrikes and US weapons. They operate prisons where members of ISIS are detained.

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The Kurds are threatened from the north by Turkey, which for years has been fighting separatist Kurds within their borders and also considering Syrian Kurds as terrorists. Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, supported by Russia, controls the south of the country and finally wants to resume everything, which suggests the possibility of an agreement with the Kurds.

The presence of American troops has helped maintain a fragile peace. But the White House said Trump had given the green light to Turkish military operation in northern Syria, and Trump said on Twitter that it was time to retire. “Turkey, Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia and the Kurds will now have to resolve the situation,” he said, “and what they want to do with Islamic State captured in their “neighborhood”.