Tropical cyclone will feed heavy rains in the south, threat of flooding

Tropical cyclone, threat of flooding this weekend, The tropical depression of 17 will melt with a cold front that will spread throughout the south and cause heavy rains and the threat of flooding over the weekend.

Tropical Depression Seventeen has developed in the western Gulf of Mexico and are moving north toward the Gulf Coast. It will be a short-lived tropical system since it will become a post-tropical minimum on Friday night. Tropical cyclone will feed heavy rains in the south, threat of flooding

Tropical Depression Seventeen will provide a moisture injection into a storm system that is expected to move south toward the weekend. Hurricane winds are also possible in parts of the northern Gulf Coast until Saturday morning, and some coastal floods associated with stronger than normal tides can occur in parts of the northern Gulf Coast.

The NOAA Storm Prediction Center has issued a tornado alert valid for up to 16 hours. CDT for southeastern Mississippi and southwestern Alabama. The combination of low-speed thunderstorm systems and tropical moisture will increase total precipitation in some areas and could also cause flash floods. But this rain will also be beneficial for the southern regions, where drought has settled in recent weeks. Total rainfall of more than 3 inches caused street flooding on Friday morning in parts of northern Alabama. Sudden floods and water bursts occurred Thursday night in parts of Texas, including the Austin area.
Precipitation, flood forecast

It may seem strange to move from a drought to a flood, but it has already happened, and fears of sudden flooding due to heavy local rains will worsen in the south during the next wave of rains. Rains and thunderstorms developed on Thursday in the southern plains, and rain will spread in the Lower Mississippi Valley and most of the south of Friday throughout the weekend.

NOAA said there was a slight risk of excessive rainfall in the Lower Mississippi Valley and the Great South, including Louisiana, Mississippi and western Alabama until Friday night.
The National Weather Service has issued a flood alert for parts of eastern Louisiana, eastern Arkansas, southwestern Tennessee, much of Mississippi, and parts of the state. southwestern Alabama, as well as in eastern Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas.

Air quality forecasts by Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service

This storm system will result in a low risk of severe storms, unlike the cold front which caused tornadoes and wind gusts earlier this week. According to the Storm Prediction Center, the central Gulf Coast could be hit by violent heavy thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds and an isolated tornado on Friday night.

As this next front will move slowly east, many areas will see the possibility of rain for several days. An extended area from the southern plains to the Tennessee Valley can expect 1 to 3 inches of rain until Sunday. Some locations near the Gulf Coast, in the Great South, will likely add more than 3 inches and the National Hurricane Center expects portions of the Central Gulf Coast and Lower Mississippi Valley to receive at 8 inches of rain.