The warriors and the agent claim that the filtered nude photos are not from Steph Curry

Stephen Curry

Twitter was set on fire on Friday when so-called nude photos of Steph Curry quickly reached social media. Was it really him?

Well, an update has just been provided by a lot of media, and it will surely relieve NBA addicts everywhere.

Curry agent Jeff Austin told the Daily Mail that the photos are not “absolutely” the Golden State Warriors superstar.

Although nothing can be confirmed at this time, it is undoubtedly the news we wanted to hear after this bomb. The Warriors clearly do not do much of the test, as they apparently do not plan to issue a statement.

However, what remains to be resolved is how the photos appeared on Twitter. Responsible people could face serious legal consequences.

It is not yet known whether Curry has instructed his legal representatives to further investigate the matter.

Meanwhile, NBA fans can rest easy knowing that the nude photos of one of the faces of their beloved league did not appear on Twitter on Friday.

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