The fantastic impact of Melvin Gordon’s return to Chargers

According to recent media reports, Chargers runner Melvin Gordon will return to the squad on Thursday. Gordon kept looking for a new contract, but when the Chargers did not move, he decided to wait and see if the team would pay for it or change it.

Unfortunately, nothing happened and Gordon was losing money week after week. Now, he returns to stop losing his paychecks and save time, which should allow him to go to a free agent during the off-season.

The impact of Gordon will not be felt during week 4, as it seems he is not ready for the game against the Dolphins. However, the team and Gordon expect him to be ready for the fifth week against Denver.

What to expect when Gordon comes back?

It’s hard to imagine that Gordon will be the head cow that turns to the Chargers again. He averaged 18 hits per game in 2018, which seems like a reasonable expectation for the rest of the season. Gordon has a history of plaque injuries. It may be time for the Chargers to give him fewer keys so he can stay cool throughout the season.

The player who suffers the most from Gordon’s return is Austin Ekeler. Ekeler has had nothing sensational so far: he’s gone 160 yards and added 208 yards to the touchdown with four touchdowns this season. This is the number of keys that will decrease for Ekeler and that will hurt his person and his fantasy owners.

In the first three games of the season, Ekeler had 18, 23 and 16 touchdowns. When Gordon played last year, Ekeler averaged about eight hits per game. I can see this number increase a bit, but will it exceed 12 keys? Probably no. Thus, although Ekeler still has independent value in fantastic circles, he will no longer be a fantastic runner in the top 10.
The other player who is hurt by Gordon’s return is the relief runner Justin Jackson. Jackson has had 18 career attempts this season, but with Gordon in return and the need for the team to make sure Ekeler hits the ball, it looks like Jackson will need an injury to regain significant playtime.

Melvin Gordon will not participate in the Chargers vs. Dolphins game

Loader Head Coach Anthony Lynn will be responsible for ensuring that Gordon returns to the training without a problem, but at the same time, make sure that Ekeler and Jackson still feel part of the committee. runners. It will be a delicate and delicate balance.
With regard to fantasy owners, here is the last summary:

Gordon becomes a forced player every week, but he could see a reduction in his overall touch.

Ekeler becomes a start in the PPR leagues, but you will see a reduction of the keys. It is a marginal holder in standard league formats.

Jackson becomes a cashier and skin banker who needs a wound to be worth more.


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