The cold full moon of December is the last of the decade

Full moon

The full moon of December, the last of this decade, arrives tonight just after midnight.

According to Farmer’s Almanac, the full moon of December, which rises in Gemini, is called the cold moon, long moon and moon before Yule.

“The full moon is the culmination of a cycle. Everything revolves around maximum intensity: the concentrated energy of the previous phase overflowed, spilling into emotion, action, and matter,” said Diane Ahlquist, author of “The Moon + You “, in Refinery29.

In addition to any astrological significance, full moons tend to be so bright that less bright objects dominate in the night sky.

According to NASA, Europeans call it a long night moon because it is the full moon closest to the winter solstice.

“The Gemini influence factor, a highly cerebral sign that turns in a penny, and we can end with an overwhelming desire to free ourselves from our thoughts, opinions, and truths on various topics,” Ahlquist told Refinery29.

The moon will be in the sky for a total of 14 hours and 58 minutes, which makes Wednesday night until Thursday morning the longest full moon night of the year.

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