Smoke rises through the air after train derailment near Dupo, Illinois

East Carondelet, Ill. – Rescuers are at the train derailment location at 4,400 blocks from Carondelet Avenue near Dupo, Illinois. The video of the Bommarito Automotive SkyFOX helicopter shows a train collision. There is a fire on the scene of the accident. There are also llamas that spread over the water in a nearby stream.

Firefighters told FOX 2 reporter Michelle Madaraas that the contents of the trains were ethanol. People are told to stay in favor of the wind while the fire is burning.

The black smoke that comes from the scene of the accident can be seen for miles. The St. Clair County Emergency Department says there are evacuations in the area.

Vertex Chemical Corporation is located near the accident site. Firefighters are working to stop the spread of fire at this company.

Firefighters are trying to control this fire at temperatures of 90 degrees. They work to prevent firefighters from heat exhaustion.

It is not clear if there are injuries in this accident and this fire. A journalist is still working on collecting details about this story. The latest update will be posted here when you enter more information in our newsroom.

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