Shaquille O’Neal vs. Kobe Bryant for Latest Critics of Work Ethics


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal seem to have softened things a little since they fought with the Los Angeles Lakers, but that did not stop them from showing up to each other.

In an interview with Patrick Bet-David at the PHP agency convention in Las Vegas this week, Bryant said he thought he could have won a dozen championships if Shaq had worked harder when the two were with them. Lakers. You can see the comments at the beginning of the video below:



Kobe also congratulated Shaq, claiming he would have been the best player of all time if he had spent more time at the gym. When Bet-David said he did not want to do more drama between the two former teammates, Kobe said he had repeated it to Shaq several times.

“He would be the best of all time, he would be the first to tell you,” said Bryant. “Shaq and I sat all the time and said,” Dude, if your buttocks … were fit … ”

Even though Kobe said it in Shaq’s face, the big man does not seem to like it. When Shaq heard about Kobe’s latest criticisms of his work ethic, he turned to Instagram to say that Bryant would have more championships if he “passed the ball especially in the final against the Pistons”. He also reminded Kobe that the Lakers had created a statue in his honor.



Of course, this conflict has been going on for many years. Kobe spoke while he was still playing the rage Shaq was enraged at, and Phil Jackson even said he agreed with Bryant. Winning 12 rings would not happen, but Shaq injured his foot after the Lakers won their third consecutive title and decided to wait for training camp instead of after the end of the training camp. the season. You have to wonder if things would have been a little different if he had not been so categorical about the procedure for the company.

The Kobe-Shaq match is one of the most intriguing in NBA history, and that’s the reason. Even so far, they obviously do not meet face to face.