Security had to save Brittany Matthews, the girlfriend of Patrick Mahomes, Patriots fan

 Brittany Matthews

It wasn’t exactly a flag day for Patriots fans.

They booed their own team, struggled to finish in TMZ and would have treated Patrick Mahomes’s girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, and his brother Jackson so much that Gillette Stadium’s safety took them out of their seats.

Matthews made the accusations on Twitter, where he keeps an emotional diary of the games:

“As soon as we sit down, drunk boy” hey, they’re all Patrick Mahomes, girl and brother, let’s give them something. “It will be fun.”

“This place is horrible, people scream every time I get up, am I not loud [sic] to defend a football game?”

“They told me that if I get up, they will call security and expel us, can’t you represent your team?”

“Gillette’s security picked us up and moved us to a safe place, that’s how you know it was bad.”

The Chiefs won the match 23-16 as concerns about the Patriots’ offense persist. And Matthews had no trouble appreciating the pain of his rivals. An Instagram story showed Matthews, a fitness entrepreneur and former soccer player, mocking Patriots fans with “na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, bye”.

Matthews and Mahomes are high school boyfriends and she is a staple in the Chiefs games.

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