Santa Rosa changes school hours in case of PG & E power outages

Santa Rosa School District announced Tuesday schedule changes and closures in some schools following anticipated power outages that occurred Wednesday by PG & E.

Santa Rosa changes school hours in case of PG & E power outages
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The district sent families an e-mail detailing adjusted Wednesday hours and scheduled closures on Thursday in four schools: Maria Carrillo High, Rincon Valley Middle, Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter, and Hidden Valley Elementary.

There will be no after school programs such as athletics and childcare in these schools Wednesday and no schools will be in session Thursday, the district said.

For these schools, the center of emergency operations of the city of Santa Rosa asked Wednesday an early dismissal for reasons of road safety, said the district.

The scheduled departure times are 13h20. for Hidden Valley Elementary (early dismissal schedule); 1:45 pm for Santa Rosa Speed ​​Charter School (Monday schedule); 13:52 for Rincon Valley Middle (Monday schedule); 14h for Maria Carrillo High.

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The state of the school for Friday will be based on the speed with which PG & E inspect the power lines and starts to turn on the electricity, the district announced.

No official decision was made to cut off power in any of the 16 counties listed for the potential for a PG & E power outage. This decision is expected on Wednesday morning.
PG & E officials said at a press conference Tuesday night that there were no interruptions to announce but they were still monitoring the service areas.

A decision is expected on Wednesday morning. Up to 184,000 customers in 17 countries could be affected, but this represents a reduction in reports of 201,000 customers compared to the previous day.

Santa Rosa is preparing to operate sewage and water treatment services with generators, but traffic lights are a concern.

“Last time, we had 39 intersections without electricity and a significant number of collisions and accidents with injuries, and we are working to ensure that this does not happen again,” said Paul Lowenthal, Fire Assistant in Santa Rosa. But many companies are preparing to close, for the second time this month.