Sam Smith wears heels for the first time at an awards ceremony: “It’s so good”


Sam Smith was feeling so good looking Tuesday for the GQ Men’s Awards of the Year 2019.

The singer “Too Good at Goodbyes” walked on the carpet with a black tuxedo, a Boss shawl collar and a transparent black lace top underneath. He completed his look with very glossy Gucci mid-calf leather boots with a 2.75-inch heel, a first for the star.

“Tonight I was wearing heels for the first time for an awards ceremony,” said Smith, 27, subtitled an Instagram photo of his shoes after the event.

He went on to explain why this was an important moment of fashion in his life. “I just got home after a nice afternoon and as I made my way to the door of my house, I stopped and I heard my heels hit the floor, and I just thought.” F- YES! “I would be able to be myself in front of the industry or anyone else, it’s so good and I just wanted to share that with you and share a picture of my GORJ Gucci heels.”




Stylist Brad Goreski commented on the article: “Clicking on the floor with heels is one of the best sounds ever created.”

Demi Lovato commented with the emoticons of the eyes of the heart and wrote: “I am very proud of you.”

Singer Natasha Bedingfield wrote, “I love you and I love this story so much!”

In another Instagram post, after Smith shared his complete outfit on the mat, Miss J Alexander of the United States, Next Top Model, congratulated the star for choosing shoes. “Sister Sam Sam, also known as @samsmith, you’re lovely if you like the look. But bitch lives and loves your Cha-Cha heels in patent leather …! 😂 ”

Earlier this year, Smith revealed that he identified himself as non-binary. “When I saw the word non-binary / gender and read it and heard these people talking, I thought, ‘F–, it’s me,’ said Smith, We Weigh. Interviews

During the discussion, he spoke about the “wall” that most people have regarding their opinions about gender and sexuality. Instead, he adopted queer gender identity.

“The non-binary/queer kind is that you do not identify yourself in a genre,” said Smith, who still chooses male pronouns today. “You are a mix of all different things. You are your own special creation. This is how I take it: I am neither man nor woman. I think I’m floating between the two, everything is in the spectrum. ”

He discussed the issue in more detail in the June issue of the British magazine GQ. “Since I was a child since I’m a little human, I did not feel really comfortable as a man, I never really did,” he said. “Some days I have my masculine side and some days I have my feminine side, but it’s when I’m in the middle of this change that I feel very, very depressed and sad because I do not know who I am neither where I am nor what I do and I feel very misunderstood, I realized that it was because I was not going either. ”

Now, Smith begins to show each side of himself on the rug and says his exhausted Gucci boots “will always be my virgin heels”.