Safe Shop, is it a legal or fake company in order to invest?

Safe Shop, it is an Indian government-certified institution that has been working since 2000 in the areas of education, fashion, technology, health, and insurance to turn people’s dreams into reality through his expert training and the concept of “network marketing”. Where millions of people live their dreams.

Safe Shop is a network marketing company that provides a platform to win through the direct sale of products marketed by Safe Shop. A buyer becomes the owner of the business center based on what he buys. The buyer trained and the network support system helps them repeat what they do with the sponsor. It’s a good deal of royalty.

Secure and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited is a network marketing company active since 2001. We have just turned 18 years old. This institution has given many families a luxurious lifestyle. To make or opt for this industry as a career, we do not need diplomas. Because in this industry, illiterates can also succeed and there are many examples.

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Is it a fake company?

Safe Shop is one of the oldest and most important networks marketing companies, more than 18 years old and keeps all its promises if you work honestly and wholeheartedly. It is the leading network marketing company in India, the most reliable network marketing company.

Safe Shop is a network marketing company. A fully legal and certified company that sells over 150 products online (VIML, GRASM, LAVNYA, AND LAVNYA or other major trusted brands and Birla) ….. Google

It is a business that cheats people by selling their cheap products at a very high rate and promises to earn 60 lakhs a month, so do not fall into the trap. His numerous agents have been arrested in many palaces, so be careful.

Is it Legal?

The legality of the Safe Shop is not in doubt. Safe Shop is one of the legal direct selling companies in India. Secure and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited is the real name, but we often call it Safe Shop.

The legality and certificates of the company do not prove that the company will never make fraud. Once all Giant Scam companies such as PACL and Future-Maker also had legal certificates.

Your question should be: “Is it beneficial to join Safe Shop as a direct seller?”

Personally, I will never suggest anyone to join Safe Shop. In a way, a secure store is also another pyramid scheme based on the product.

Recently, I read a book written by Jon M Taylor (PhD, MBA). It was not a book, but an in-depth analysis of 350 MLM companies.

The book shows that 99.96% of people never make a profit from these MLM companies and most of them lose their money to buy expensive products.

0.04% of the remaining people are the main people in the pyramid scheme who receive more than 90% of the total payment of the company.

Jon M Taylor survey of the MLM industry

Researcher Jon M Taylor conducted a 15-year survey of the MLM industry and his book was also published on one of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sites. UU. Therefore, he can not neglect Jon’s conclusion where he showed the dark reality of the MLM industry.
Again, come to a secure store. Safe Shop products are too expensive and never offer the value of money.

Of course, there is also approx. 99.96% chance of losing money. If I add my point of view, then for a person who works on average, there is a 100% chance of losing money. Because, according to Sir Jon’s theory, only 0.04% will make a profit. And this 0.04 % of people are already fixed in this type of MLM companies that are at the top of the pyramid.

But, if it can attract thousands of people, it can also become one at 0.04%. But to become 0.04%, you must commit fraud with your family and friends. Your closest relationship may break down and even after that, there is no guarantee of success.

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Is MLM is a business opportunity?

And for those who think MLM is a business opportunity. Casino players in Las Vegas have a higher success rate than the MLM. 35% of small businesses achieve average success too high, then a success rate of 0.04% of the MLM. Developing skills and following your passion will help you make more money than the MLM. Therefore, never think that “the MLM is the only way to become rich”.

Finally, if you have not joined Safe Shop so far, never be part of this illusion. And if you’re already registered, do not force friends and family to connect to a secure store. At the end of the day, you will not get a positive profit either and, in an uncertain way, that will be the reason for the economic problems of the others.