Red Bull Rampage: Do you think you can ride it? No you can not!

Red Bull Rampage, Matt Jones, Olly Wilkins, and Ben Deakin are in Utah to see Red Bull Rampage. They had the opportunity to try one of the famous local trails (open to the public): King Kong. If you have never been to Utah, you must go there.

Red Bull Rampage: Do you think you can ride it? No you can not!

Maybe not even to roll, just to stay speechless. It is an immense place whose geography goes from the alpine meadows like those found in the French tourist centers, to the country of the fried dessert, to what can only be described as strange worlds.

The variety is incredible, and even more incredible for the British who see that everything is in quantity. The cliffs and the amazing views are marked only by a small space, without a reception center, tea room, and interpretation boards. There is another geological feature bigger, better and more amazing along the way, it only warms up.

With so much to play, it may be less surprising that it is good to dig lines, jumps, and shippers in a small corner. That’s what happens every year in Red Bull Rampage, which has sometimes moved sites looking for new lines and vertical opportunities.

This means that there are old lines to play if you are interested, and even some tracks to try. Especially around the original site of Red Bull Rampage, some relatively soft bike style lines can be tried by more deadly users. And then there is King Kong. Open to the public, but only for those who feel comfortable with jumps, falls and serious exposure.

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If you’re planning to travel some of the Red Bull Rampage lines, check out some of the UK’s best corridors that do their best to walk this local trail. This is one of the most compelling MTB videos we’ve seen in a long time: turn on the sound and enjoy drinks and other sound effects.

We have seen this in the office and some of us are concerned about the lack of gloves, foam, and plastic. Of us, This seems a very good place to put all the protection. Just watch this bike disappear at the edge of the slope/cliff/ pile of desert shale. Sip.