Priyanka Chopra and Jimmy Fallon fight in this challenge Spicy Wings

Priyanka Chopra and Jimmy Fallon tested their taste buds by taking part in a Hot Ones spicy wings challenge during the Thursday episode of The Tonight Show.

Priyanka Chopra, Hot Ones is a YouTube show in which host Sean Evans invites celebrities to eat a series of chicken wings. Each wing contains a different spicy sauce and the level of spices increases as the stars make their way into the food. Evans also asks a series of questions to celebrities trying to manage the heat. Then, Fallon thought it would be fun to invite Evans to his show and take up the challenge with Chopra.

As fans will remember, Chopra’s husband, Nick Jonas, participated in the intense showdown earlier this year with fellow Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. Then Chopra was under pressure.

“I like spices, but climbing makes me nervous,” he admitted.

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At first, the challenge seemed pretty sweet. The actress ate the first wing without any fight. While he felt a “kick” with the second, he always said that eating it was “feasible”.

“I’m sorry,” he said with a small sob.

It was only when he went to the third wing that things really began to change.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Oh, he’s sneaking up on you,” he said, swaying from side to side.
He even had to wipe tears. “It hurts,” he says.

Once he has reached the final wing, the game is over. After taking a bite, he had to get up and walk.

Meanwhile, Fallon has fought from the beginning.
“I’m shaking, my hands are shaking,” he said in a moment.