Premiere of “Love, Fall and Order”: Casting, Trailer, Release Date

Hallmark’s Christmas season is only a few weeks away, but there are still new fall movies that fans can enjoy first!

Erin Cahill (“The Last Christmas of Vermont”) and Trevor Donovan (“SnowComing”) are stars of “Love, Fall & Order”, which will be presented tonight on Hallmark Channel as part of the “Fall Harvest” event network.

The premiere of his new film Hallmark is the perfect gift for Donovan as he has just celebrated his birthday on Friday. It’s also the perfect gift for Hallmarkies to help them celebrate the fall season.

In addition, Donovan is just the tip of the iceberg, as he will be back in another Hallmark movie in just a few weeks with his Christmas film with Brooke D’Orsay, “Nostalgic Christmas,” aired on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at the Halloween Night (October 31st).

As for Cahill, he has two new Christmas movies this year: “Random Acts of Christmas” in Lifetime and “Christmas on the Range” by Mill Creek Entertainment in December.

However, before all of his Christmas movies arrive, keep reading to find out what his fall movie, “Love, Fall & Order,” has meant for viewers.

“With the current fall season, Hank (Gregory Harrison), a New England farmer, is involved in litigation over legal property with his neighbor next door. After learning the fate of her father, Hank’s daughter, Claire (Cahill), an ambitious New York lawyer, returns to her small hometown of Vermont to help save her beloved farm from her family. According to the synopsis: “There he met Patrick Harris (Donovan), a fine local lawyer who turned out to be related to the woman who is suing Hank and who represents her in her next trial.

“Although they did not see themselves as high school rivals, Claire and Patrick are struggling with a heated real estate conflict and fighting for the coveted farmland.” In a short time, despite their determination to secure the property and remain faithful to their families, a romantic spark ignites between Claire and Patrick, and opposing feelings come to light as an autumn romance begins to blossom. ”

Directed by Clare Niederpruem and written by Audrey Shulman, the film also features presenters from the Hallmark Bubbly Sesh podcast, Jacklyn Collier and Shalini Manjunath-Holbrook, who make their Hallmark debut under the names Alice and Sarah, respectively.

Fans can now listen to their podcast interviews with Donovan and Cahill, see them all in “Love, Fall & Order” tonight, and watch their podcast summary on Monday.

The cast also includes Drew Fuller (Ben), Jan Broberg (Aunt Margie Wright), Hailey Smith (Betsy), KC Clyde (Nick), Lila Clark (Evie), Jazmine Shaw (Lauren), Yolanda Stange (June), Scott Christopher (Kevin), Laurie Purser (Zelda), Karina Segura (Liza), Corey Sundrop (George) and Richard Allen (Ken Bellevue), Julie Suazo (Mayor Rosie Bernard), Chat Bocchicchio (Judge Rhodes), Shelly Townsend (Beverly Walker) and James Jamison (Howerton J.).

“Love, Fall & Order” premiered on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 pm. EDT