Philadelphia Eagles vs. Vikings, NFL Live Stream, Schedule, TV Channel, Start Time

Philadelphia Eagles and Vikings continue rivalry from NFC 2017 championship game
The Minnesota Vikings would not have found a better way to start Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Minnesota did their job on the first tour, making 13 games for 75 yards and clocking 7:17 to take advantage of touching down against Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Vikings, NFL Live Stream, Schedule,
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Adam Thielen beat Sidney Jones in a double move for a six-yard lead from Kirk Cousins ​​to give Minnesota a 7-0 lead.

The Vikings faced Jones early, testing him in the passing games and matching Thielen and Stefon Diggs on the right side of the field. Jones has two tackles but gave a touchdown and two first tries.

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The Eagles were three in their first practice (all three career games) and the Vikings continued with a nine-game, 35-yard run to climb 10-0 with a 39-yard Dan Bailey goal. Adam Thielen appeared to have captured the Eagles 21 with a touchdown of 8 and 8, but Malcolm Jenkins forced him out of the field with Thielen down just one foot.

The rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings is new in the NFL. Although one of these teams has been reduced to a minimum in the last two years, it will be launched in the 6th week. NFC teams face each other for the third year in a row.

The Eagles beat the Vikings in the 2017 championship game as a local loser, beating them 38-7 on the road to the Super Bowl LII winner (played at the US Bank of Minnesota stadium). Minnesota felt the pain of being defeated by Philadelphia and seeing the Eagles win the home championship, but they took revenge by defeating Philadelphia 23-21 at Lincoln Financial Field last season.

As the Eagles and Vikings head for Round 3 of the series, the two teams face (unsurprisingly) a turning point at the start of the year. The Eagles begin a road trip of three games, while the Vikings lost both games against NFC opponents with record wins, to enter the win column before playing three of their next four games on the road.