Percy Harvin smoked weed before each NFL game to fight his anxiety.

Percy Harvin ‘There’s not a game that I played in that I wasn’t high’

Super Bowl champion and former Seattle Seahawks catcher Percy Harvin recently revealed his difficulties with anxiety on the field and outside the NFL. Although he received “several” recipes to combat anxiety, Harvin said that marijuana was the best thing for him. Pot worked so well for him that he smoked before every NFL game he played.

Percy Harvin smoked weed before each NFL game to fight his anxiety.
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“The only thing that really seemed to work was when I smoked pot,” Harvin told Bleacher Report. “I did not play any games in which I was not up.”

Harvin has been in the NFL from 2009 to 2016 and has played 75 games in his career. He said his anxiety had increased once he had been changed from the Minnesota Vikings to Seattle in 2013.

“It was probably the worst years of my life,” Harvin said about the period, saying his anxiety was even worse when he was in unknown situations.

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At first, Harvin did not really accept or notice that he was anxious even after being diagnosed. Only when he was immersed in new situations, such as the aforementioned business with the Seahawks, and participated in press conferences, Harvin clearly understood that he was worried. He described that he sometimes had seven prescription medication vials, but that this herb was the only substance that had managed to reduce his anxiety.

Asked by Bleacher Report about his marijuana habits, Harvin said that smoking doesn’t make someone bad:

Harvin is not the only former NFL player who has used marijuana to solve his problems on and off the field. In a recent interview, Calvin Johnson, former Detriot Lions Lions star, revealed that he had used the substance after almost every game. Megatron said his reasoning should help relieve the physical pain he was in after playing.

Harvin says that his anxiety has sometimes led him to act. The most surprising example of his NFL career was the most important week of his football career, when he defeated his Seahawks teammate, Golden Tate, before Super Bowl XLVIII.

“Thinking about that now, I can’t even believe I did it,” Harvin said of the incident.
Tate was asked at a press conference before the game how the team thought Harvin had returned, that the final game was lost due to a concussion. Tate responded by saying that the team had won without him and would be fine if he did not participate in the Super Bowl.