Penn State, the situation is now fun, with a trip to Iowa on the bridge

Penn State, The players, coaches, alumni and fans of the state have enjoyed watching the 2019 version of James Franklin, Nittany Lions, take a 5-0 start with a surprising points gap between 235 and 37. However, the real thrill starts now, after a 35-7 win against Purdue on Saturday against 106,536 at Beaver Stadium.

“There are some things we need to clean Sunday and Monday, so we have the opportunity to be 1-0 next week,” said Franklin after the win.

“We will enjoy this victory and we will celebrate that.”
Then they will go back to work.

During the six-week college football season, Penn State’s offensive can be described as explosive, his defense can be described as stifling and his special teams are fabulous. However, they could also be described as inconsistent in all three areas, with obvious weaknesses to eliminate real assets.

Everything needs to be adjusted again, so after the faultless table that is not part of the conference and two big ten wins to start the season lead the team to a three-game glove that starts with a trip into Iowa before a visit to Michigan. and finally a game at Michigan State before the second week of the rest of the season.

The situation of PennLive Sunday Penn State returns the first weekend of October to share what we learned from the victory over the Boilermakers, bring the latest news on recruitment and examine these huge Hawkeyes before the 7th Next week: 30 h 00, a departure from Kinnick Stadium.

The fans do not want to hear it, and the team will never publicly accept the following fact, but it’s true: sometimes, the victories will be frustrating and, frankly, it’s good when they are, because of means that a team always keeps what it was designed for. Stadium without meeting your expectations.

Dave Jones explained the situation very well in the post-game video with Bob Flounders: it’s the kind of competition you want to win and move on. Remember, of course, because learning from mistakes is crucial for future success. But, against a defeated opponent with some key injuries, not to mention the fact that

The Lions were denied Justin Shorter, Donovan Johnson, and Tariq Castro-Fields for much of the match. Taking what you can get is not a bad strategy, especially when it comes to a 28-point win and 460-104 yards in advance.

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We learned that PSU can use its fast attack score to mitigate mid-game fights. Will it work every week? No

But, with a defense playing at the level where it currently stands, 28 points should usually place the Lions in a place where they can win, especially when they arrive before the match lasts 20 minutes.

We must also recognize that it is perhaps the game that finally placed Noah Cain at the top of the rider’s depth table. Yes, James Franklin wants to turn his four draft horses, and that makes sense. But the distribution of representatives must be correct, which means that Cain has at least two sets for all the others.

Finally, it is difficult to understand what was apparently a first-pass approach by Lions for most of the second half. Sure, some were Clifford with a pass-through option, but it was felt, and not for the first time this season, that there was a concerted effort to involve the backs in a romp on Purdue. As Cain showed, it was possible, but he did not have enough self-confidence.

Let’s move on to defense, what else can we say? Ten catches, the largest number for Lions since 1999, and thirteen tackles for losses explain everything. Jack Plummer of Purdue will need several ice baths to recover from the number of shots he made early and frequently, and Penn State kept the Boilermakers at -19 yards on the floor and a putrid mark of 1 on 14 the third times.
“We’re playing championship defense and we’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks,” said Franklin.
“Very, very satisfied and impressed by that.”

Finally, we learned that Joe Lorig’s special equipment unit, while performing well, was not invincible. Saturday, he scored the worst game of the year for this unit, while Jordan Stout sent an early serve out of bounds, KJ Hamler was frustrated in the second leg and also lost the ball, Jake Pinegar missed a placement and the Lions. they lost a possession when a clearance hit Jonathan Sutherland, which allowed the visitors to recover a ball, and dropped the ground position after a potentially dubious foul, but nevertheless called Dan Chisena for kick interference. / capture Everything needs to be cleaned up in the future.