Peggy Flanagan will join the protest for the name of the NFL team

Peggy Flanagan, Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, and several US lawmakers will join protesters at a demonstration outside US Bank Stadium on Thursday night, October 24, to urge the professional football team from Washington, DC to remove his name. and pet.

Peggy Flanagan will join the protest for the name of the NFL team
Sarah Mearhoff / Forum News Service

Flanagan and other Native American politicians, including Representative Mary Kunesh-Podein, DFL-New Brighton, and Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn, DFL-Roseville, will speak at the Not Your Mascot event. will take place before the Minnesota Vikings Night Match with the Washington team. The tribal governments of Minnesota, the National Congress of Native Americans and other Aboriginal groups are organizing the event.

US representative Betty McCollum, DFL-Minn., Is also expected to speak, organizers said.
The use of the name and animal by the Washington team was denounced as insensitive to racial differences. In a statement made before the event, the National Congress of Native Americans, another organizer of the event, described it as “degrading” and “dangerous”.

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The event will be preceded by a march which will begin at 16 hours. near Peavey Field. The walk will end outside the stadium, where the rally will start at 5 o’clock.

Flanagan wrote that there are different origins for the term “red skin”, but they are all “deeply painful for the natives”.

“At best, the term referred to the reddish skin tone of indigenous peoples and was commonly used to dehumanize them. In the worst case, it is the bloody scalp of a Native American, “wrote Flanagan. “Colonies, corporations, and states would announce to settlers who have paid the scalp proof that a native had been killed. The scalps were sold for cash. ”
In celebrating the term with an NFL team, “we are celebrating the attempt to wipe out the Indians,” he wrote.

The protesters plan to leave Peavy Field Park and hold a protest outside US Bank Stadium. In Minneapolis before the match, according to the Associated Press.

State representatives, Mary Kunesh-Podein (D) and Jamie Becker-Finn (D), who are also Native Americans, US representative Betty McCollum (D-Min.) And tribal government leaders will join Flanagan.