Patriots vs Bills, The Patriots in the final score of the Bills

Patriots vs Bills, The Patriots in the final score of the Bills
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The Patriots went to 4-0, only in addition to the AFC

Patriots vs Bills, The Patriots remain perfect in the season after an imperfect 16-10 win over the Buffalo Bills (3-1) at New Era Field. The defense was the main story of both clubs in this match as each unit was able to really slow down the opposite offensive.

Tom Brady had only 18 finishes in 39 attempts for 150 yards and one interception. Meanwhile, Josh Allen had 13 passes out of 28 for 153 yards and three interceptions before leaving the game due to injury. A blocked clearance returned for a New England touchdown early in the first quarter and eventually turned out to be the main result and the difference as the match was final.

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Patriots vs Bills, Why did the Patriots win?

New England secured their victory on Sunday, thanks in large part to their defensive unit and special teams. With Tom Brady and the attack blocked for most of the afternoon, it was up to the defense to keep Buffalo out of the end zone. They did it without a problem in the first period, giving only three points.

Josh Allen was able to leave the locker room with a touchdown in the third quarter, but overall, the defense of New England was solid. They created four turnovers as a team and were particularly strong in the third fall, allowing Buffalo just to become two of their 13 attempts. With regard to the special equipment unit, this cleared-to-the-touch compensation was a key moment in the game for the Patriots to establish an advantage. With the defensive front of the Bills giving offensive attacks to New England, the touchdown of the special teams by Matthew Slater turned out to be the difference.

Patriots vs Bills, Why did the bills lose?

Josh Allen, who suffered a head injury in the last quarter, did not help Buffalo. But after his first touchdown attempt in the third quarter, the quarterback of the second year was not particularly strong in this game. He was erratic with his throws and was constantly looking for chips on the field instead of taking easy shots in the center, especially in the first period. When he tried to force him to go to the field, he was fired.

As we mentioned before, his efficiency in the third try was low, but I wonder if Allen could have scored another touchdown if Jonathan Jones had not left the match. Of course, his special equipment unit did not do his job the best he could by allowing the clearing to block the hit. On some struggles in the offensive and which blocked the clearance, Buffalo’s defense and running game were strong enough to win them.
Point of return

While you can see Josh Allen’s injury as a critical moment for the Bills, Matt Barkley led the Bills to the New York 2-yard line as he entered the match. As they knocked on the door of a touchdown, Barkley’s pass to Zay Jones, to the right of the end zone, was interrupted by deep Patrick Chung to give possession of his head to New England. If Buffalo had scored there, they would probably have climbed one. Another interception of Barkley in New England 39 was also the dagger to freeze the match with 1:27 remaining.

This authorization blocked by J.C. Jackson was finally what gave the victory to the Patriots. Jackson was able to cross the line of the Bills, catch the kicker Corey Bojorquez and Matthew Slater recovered the ball to score the first touchdown of his career in the NFL. This game put the Patriots at 13, which was all they needed to secure the win. Om Brady was looking at himself in the mirror after the match.

It was not the best offensive day in New England. Brady was inconsistent with his throws, which included a brutal interception in the end zone. In addition, the offensive line allowed constant pressure on Brady, who blew up a handful of games. Overall, the Pats were also a little unruly in this competition, totaling eight penalties for 58 yards, extending a handful of Buffalo units.