Nicole Murphy says she regrets kissing Director married Antoine Fuqua

Nicole Murphy wants to clarify the situation after being photographed kissing married director Antoine Fuqua in Italy two months ago. Murphy appeared on The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday, Sept. 24, where he expressed his regret and explained how the two had ended up on a lip.

Describing the kiss as a “thing of the moment,” the 51-year-old former mother of five admitted that she did not want this to happen.

“Trust me, I wish that did not happen,” Murphy told Wendy Williams. “It was a moment when I should have thought more about the situation, made better judgments, that’s something I apologize for.”

Murphy also said he did not release a statement after the photos were published, alluding to his ignorance of Fuqua’s marital status, noting that he had “a different impression” of his relationship with Lela Rochon.

Fuqua and Rochon have been married since 1999 and have two children. Fuqua has already made headlines for allegedly cheating Rochon in the past. However, the couple seems to be married, Rochon having initially disabled his social networking accounts, but returned to Instagram earlier this month with a photo showing his wedding ring.

“I am a human being, it was a mistake,” said Murphy before sharing a warning. “Women, it will happen to you, do your research.”

Later in the interview, Murphy apologized to Rochon in front of the camera and denied Lisa Raye’s claims that she had cheated with her ex-husband, Michael Misick.