NBA injury updates: What is the status of sick stars on the eve of first game

NBA injury updates, A restless low season of the NBA has led to one of the most anticipated seasons in years, with a handful of teams claiming a legitimate opportunity to win the NBA title.

NBA injury updates: What is the status of sick stars on the eve of first game
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NBA injury updates, But several big names have major injuries and the news of Zion Williamson’s knee problems is the last thing to do to stop the season that begins Tuesday.
With the warning on the horizon, here’s the latest news about injuries suffered by NBA stars during breastfeeding.

Zion Williamson F Pelicans (knee)

While there are established stars dealing with more serious injuries, the most worrying is that Williamson’s knee is worse than previously thought. What was initially described as knee pain turned out to be a tear in the right lateral meniscus, the new Pelicans reported on Monday?

Williamson has undergone arthroscopic surgery and is expected to lose six to eight weeks, delaying his long-awaited debut in the NBA. Williamson would be ready for the showdown with the Denver Nuggets on Pelicans Christmas Day.

Williamson enters the league with more enthusiasm than any other player since LeBron James joined the NBA in 2003. His outstanding preseason earned him an average of 23.3 points, 6.5 rebounds and 2.3 assists decisive.

The greatest concern about Williamson’s play when the New Orleans pelicans placed him in first place in the draft was his 6-foot-7, 285-pound frame and his body’s ability to resist his athleticism. unprecedented long term.The fact that he had a knee injury before his first NBA game is worrying.

Devontae Cacok and Demetrius Jackson cut down by Lakers

F Networks Kevin Durant (Achilles)
NBA midfielders were hoping Kevin Durant could return in time for a possible playoff run after a devastating breakup of the right Achilles tendon in the NBA finals. But the Brooklyn Nets have excluded Durant throughout the season.

This is a naturally cautious approach, as the Nets reversed the future of the franchise by signing Durant and Kyrie Irving as a free agent. Given that Durant returning from a calf injury had probably caused the Achilles tear, there is no reason to take unnecessary risks with his franchise center.

That said, if Brooklyn disagrees at the end of the season and Durant receives a good health care bill, the Nets have not closed the door to a return to the playoffs. Do not expect it.

Warriors G Klay Thompson (ACL)

A match after Durant had his Achilles tear, the Golden State Warriors received the fatal blow of Klay Thompson’s sixth game, tearing him in the left ACL, while clumsily appearing in the third quarter of the decisive final of the NBA Finals.

NBA injury updates, Like Durant’s injury, Thompson was devastating for Golden State. While initially optimistic for Thompson’s return at some point this season, with his father, Mychal Thompson, a former player, who had recently announced that he planned to see his son return in March, Steve Kerr said that he did not expect to return. have the All-Star guard this season.