National Coming Out Day, “This day is for you too”, Becky Worley to parentsĀ 

National Coming Out Day, October 11th is the national day of departure. For many LGBTQ + people, dating means sharing their sexual orientation and / or gender identity for the first time. Youth in search of identity can contact TrevorLifeline of the Trevor Project 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386 or by sending a text message START to 678678.

On National Departure Day, we send messages of hope to all teens and young adults who are approaching their parents.

But as a mother, I have a message for these parents: this day is also for you.
Here’s what you need to know: everything will be fine. No, not only will it go, but it will be great. It’s not everyone’s story, but it’s my story and it can happen to your child as well.
My fervent Catholic mother took a second to understand the news that she had a girlfriend, and then her emotions came when she finally said, “But I want grandchildren!”

A quick confirmation that he still wanted children (and that it was possible) soothed his fears.

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My dad was great, the family of my girlfriend (now my in-laws) was holy, my extended family supported me. I even received a card from my aunt Peg who said CONGRATULATIONS and wrote: “to be gay!”

Parents, when your child tells you he is homosexual, he worries: he does not want his son to suffer. But to suppress one’s true self is suffering of the greatest magnitude. What a wonder they have self-confidence and self-awareness to know their truth and trust you.

Like my Aunt Peg, “congratulations on having a homosexual son!” The national day of departure is also the day your child tells you how much he cares about your love and your approval. Everything will be alright. No, it will not be fair, you will do great!