Minnesota Vikings, match statistics while Kirk Cousins ​​and Daniel Jones

Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants were 2-2 in the season that started their fifth-week clash. So far, the battle has been tough, as they both tried to defeat .500 in the year.

Minnesota Vikings, match statistics while Kirk Cousins ​​and Daniel Jones
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Through a series of action games and games, Kirk Cousins ​​was solid at first and was able to open things up, especially with Adam Thielen. Thanks to this success in the air game, Dalvin Cook and the hasty attack of the Vikings were able to open a series of fragmented games in the field.

As for Daniel Jones, apart from a perfectly hit against Darius Slayton, he did not have many possibilities. The Giants played only 22 offensive games. Jones eliminated a major deficit before having to redo his first start in the NFL.

We have a pair of 2-2 that will face off at MetLife Stadium on Sunday when the Vikings visit the Giants in East Rutherford. Although both clubs may have the same record, the feeling that surrounds each team is a little different. With New York, they are at the top with rookie quarterback Daniel Jones, as the first-round pick looks more and more like a franchise signal. As for the Vikings, Kirk Cousins ​​was mediocre at the beginning of the year and the aerial game did not exist.

For reference, Jones completed 68.6% of his passes for 561 yards in his first two starts, while Cousins ​​was 735 yards in the air with a 64.6-yard completion percentage in four games. Both have three touchdown passes and two selections in the year, so the rookie essentially beats the eight-year veteran.

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However, with this clash on Sunday, Minnesota is currently a more complete and talented team than New York. They will rely on their defense of the top five in terms of DVOA and a solid match with Dalvin Cook to try to slow down the game and keep it in their favor.
One thing that should help Jones in the promises of his toughest test to date is his return to Golden Tate, who will make his debut with the Giants after serving his four-game suspension.