Mets’ Alonso Buys Custom 9/11 Cleats for Teammates

AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

NEW YORK (AP) – Pete Alonso has been full of surprises in a memorable rookie season with the Mets. For fans in their new hometown, their Wednesday night gesture could be the biggest home run ever made.

On September 11, Alonso coordinated the purchase and production of custom tacos for Mets players on the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. The shoes were painted red, white and blue and included “We will never forget” and letters for first aid units.

After the 9-0 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks, Alonso said he wanted to design hats that the Mets could wear on the field, but this idea was rejected by Major League Baseball, which did not allow the Mets to wear it. Hats first answer. during the games since 2001.

“I think it’s a bit sad that the first game is coming back, they’ve closed it every year since,” said Alonso. “It’s a shame, so a way to get around was the tacos.”

Alonso said he visited the Mets’ locker room and collected favorite sizes and brands for each teammate. He said he did not contact Major League Baseball about tacos.

“I think that if Major League Baseball had succeeded, it might not have been approved,” Alonso said. “But I’m very happy that we met here at the clubhouse and that something wonderful is happening.”

Tacos were only the last in Alonso’s efforts to help those affected by the attacks. After winning the Home Run All-Star derby in July, Alonso donated $ 50,000 of his $ 1 million prizes to the Tunnels to Towers Foundation.

Before the first launch on Wednesday night, children who had lost their parents or grandparents due to September 11th-related illnesses attended each position before being accompanied by Mets holders. Alonso handed autographed baseballs to the two children of first base.

“It’s not just the victims, it’s the scars that remain as if someone was missing from their mother or father,” Alonso said. “For me, I can not imagine how this is happening, the cost is not necessarily taken that day, but gradually later because there is no one in your family. the.”

The Mets and Diamondbacks both wore an emergency hat during the batter’s practice and then lined up their respective baselines alongside the firefighters, the police and the EMT before the national anthem.

The Mets finished the game with nine points and 11 hits.