Melvin Gordon will not participate in the Chargers vs. Dolphins game

Melvin Gordon will end the battle on Thursday and will not participate in the Chargers vs. Dolphins gameAccording to reports, Melvin Gordon will end the battle on Thursday and will not participate in the Chargers vs. Dolphins game

The booking of Melvin Gordon is on his last day. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL, the Chargers rider will end his resistance by informing the team on Thursday, but will not play against the Dolphins on Sunday. The news was reported Tuesday by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The former first-round team, which is in the last year of their contract and will become an unrestricted free agent after 2019, was still to inform the team before the mid-point of the season to be able to reach Free Agency in March, but would not was not expected to report in September. However, it is not difficult to understand why Gordon has already decided to return to the team.

On the one hand, the shippers never gave in to their contractual requirements. Secondly, his desire to negotiate has never been answered. And third, it was losing value and weight over the weeks as its replacements prospered in its place. Gordon must have said that if he wanted a lucrative long-term contract, his best choice was to return to the Chargers, prove he was one of the best runners in the league, and then wait for a team. the free agency would be willing to pay you as in March.

Without Gordon, the Chargers trusted Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson, who excelled in Gordon’s absence. In three games, Ekeler had 368 yards and four touchdowns for scrimmage games, while Jackson had 155 yards as a backup for Ekeler. Both players averaged 6.5 yards to the touch. They must remain strong in the mix on Sunday, but their use beyond Sunday will clearly be a success.

Gordon should resume his title role. He’s coming off the best season of his career. In a 12-game season, he racked up 1,375 yards and 14 touchdowns for a scrimmage game (career high) while averaging 6.1 yards per touch (also a career-high by far ).

Earlier Wednesday, Anthony Lynn, the coach of the Chargers, told MM. Albert Breer: “He was our title for a reason, we would like to see him come back … I can only train those who are here and put them on the job.” March. But if Melvin returns, it will be a little help. ”
So it probably means that Ekeler’s Fantasy value should be reduced to that of a flexible player, while Jackson should be on the bench in most standard-size leagues. But in real football terms, the Chargers are now absolutely loaded as runners with three capable players. They need all the help they can get after spending the first three weeks of the season. They are losing two very winning games and two games behind the Chiefs in West Africa.

Thursday, a reminder must arrive.

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