Meghan McCain defends Chrissy Teigen after President Trump’s attack by Teigen, John Legend

Meghan McCain defends Chrissy Teigen after President Trump’s attack by Teigen, John Legend. After President Donald Trump attacked singer John Legend and television and social media personality Chrissy Teigen online on Sunday night, Meghan McCain took sides.
The daughter of the late Republican Senator John McCain, the conservative voice of “The View”, showed his support for Teigen the day after the day Trump hit her and Legend on Twitter.
“Since when is there anything wrong with being a woman with a dirty mouth?” McCain tweeted Monday, referring to the words used by the president to describe Teigen. “#Teamchrissy”

Trump began tweeting about the celebrity couple after the release of Legend in the latest MSNBC installment of Lester Holt’s “Justice for All” series, a report on the criminal justice system.

Sunday’s report included an interview with Legend about its Free America organization, which aims to “amplify the voices of those affected by the criminal justice system and those working to change it,” according to the official website. Trump complained Sunday night that “the people who insisted so much on criminal justice reform (…) came to see me in a group and asked me for help”, but they do not receive any more credit, apparently making reference to the First Stage Act that promulgated. in December, allowing inmates to get more days of trouble for good behavior.

“Guys like the boring musician @ johnlegend, and his wife with a dirty mouth, are now talking about his superiority, but I did not see them around when we needed help getting approval,” Trump tweeted. ” Anchor ‘@LesterHoltNBC does not even mention the question of President Trump or Republicans when he talks about the importance or approval of criminal justice reform.They only talk about minor actors or people There’s nothing to do with it, and those who have so desperately asked for my help when everyone failed, they only talk about prosecuting President Trump! ”

The final part of Holt’s report, originally released Friday and replayed Sunday night before an event at City Hall, congratulated Trump for signing the First Step Law, recognizing his potential to reduce sentences for thousands of non-violent criminals in federal prisons. He also pointed out that the bill does not help more than 90% of people incarcerated in US prisons at the local and state levels.

Teigen and Legend are frequent and outspoken critics of Trump: the couple turned 72 last year by making a check for $ 72,000 from each family member at the ACLU, for a total of $ 288,000 from Teigen , Legend and their two children. , Luna, 3 and Miles, 1. “Haha, what (expletive) He labeled everyone but me An honor, Mr. President,” tweeted Teigen, repeatedly calling the president to a three-word expletive and calling his tweets “ninth collapse of the day”.

She added, “The best thing about her tweet is that I literally did not speak in the special, they did not mention me either, I laugh at this useless addition of myself. because it can not be an (insulting). “