Matthew Broderick entre Mike Pompeo et Cold Open

Beck Bennett repeated his role when Mike Pence and Kate McKinnon returned with their impression of Rudy Giuliani.
The serene opening of Saturday Night Live focused on the subject of President Trump’s judicial inquiry, but without Alec Baldwin as Trump.

Beck Bennett repeated his role as Vice President Mike Pence, who was trying to determine what to do before the impeachment.

Kate McKinnon returned with her impression of Rudy Giuliani, suggesting at one point that the administration is putting Pizzagate in play or perpetuating another conspiracy theory as a distraction.

Matthew Broderick surprised the SNL audience by making an appearance similar to that of Mike Pompeo, provoking jokes about the high turnover of the Trump administration.

“Ben Carson is the only original member of the government left to do,” Aidy Bryant said in a cold climate. Kenson Thompson’s Carson came in and asked if anyone could remember his computer password.

“The charge is coming in fairly quickly, and if you do not stop looking around, you could get lost,” said Pompeo de Broderick, referring to Ferris Bueller’s day off. Trump’s counselor, Stephen Miller, also appeared in the form of a snake.

Emmy-winning creator and star of Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is hosting this week’s episode with Taylor Swift as a musical guest.