Match Preview: Pumas vs Toluca

Pumas returns home in hopes of ending a series of defeats against a Toluca team that appears to be on the rise after a bad start. As things seemed to get back to normal with the Pumas at home with an MX Cup win over Potro UAEM and a victory of the MX League against the bottom of the barrel of Veracruz, things went bad once back road with losses for Morelia and Monterrey. Meanwhile, Toluca won his first home win of the season against Tijuana, then got an away draw against Necaxa during the same period.

Cougars seem to have changed the game, but as soon as they leave Mexico, their problems begin again. First, it’s a disappointing performance against Morelia, who seems slow and easily gives 3 points to a Monarcas team that has just sent his coach back. There was then a better performance against Monterrey, much more difficult, but it was still not enough to score a point since they had lost 2-0 this Thursday. The cougars will have to recover against Toluca, which will require an improvement in their shooting accuracy. Although some players have improved in recent games, including Juan Manuel Iturbe, the entire team has shown a terrible end, including players such as Carlos Gonzalez, the bright star of Pumas. His defense has also not been at its best and some movements of head coach Michel have surprised supporters such as bank defender Luis Quintana. Nevertheless, the Pumas have shown courage against Monterrey and will have the advantage of being at home, but will face the only team that, like the Pumas, plays at 12 o’clock and at an even higher altitude.

The terrible debut of Toluca has pushed people to turn against their coach Ricardo La Volpe, which is unexpected since there are many supporters in Mexico. However, after only scoring a point in the last minute against Cruz Azul, Toluca was finally able to win after defeating Xolos at home. They then scored in Aguascalientes for a 1-1 draw against Necaxa. Although it is too early to say if they are back or if they are candidates, their immediate results are better than those of Pumas and veteran Lavolpe has more experience than newcomer Michel. Things look good for Toluca to get a result at the university Olympics.

Pumas and Toluca will be a difficult battle in the heart of Ciudad Universitaria. The Pumas had obtained most of the results at home, where they looked much better than on the road. Still, even at home, his finish was a problem and the problem was not as bad as it was this week. Toluca is a strong team that started to look good this week and sees the light at the end of the tunnel under Lavolpe. It will be an uncertain match and if Pumas does not find a solution to his problems in the last third, it may not be enough to continue to win at home.