Little League World Series 2019: latest program, TV news, forecasts in parentheses

Little League World Series 2019: latest program, TV news, Forecasts

The World Series Little League field is about to be reduced to its final four teams.

On Wednesday, two teams qualified for the regional finals: Wailuku, Hawaii, from the United States and Chofu City, Japan, on the international stage, and are about to win the championship.

Thursday, two playoff games will be played with the other two places in the regional finals.

That’s when the Little League world series gets more exciting as the best teams fight and give everything for the championship game to unfold.

Thursday schedule, forecasts

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South Chungcheong, South Korea (Asia Pacific) vs. Willemstad, Curacao (Caribbean) ET, ESPN

River Ridge, La. (South West) vs. South Riding, Virginia (Southeast), 7 pm ET, ESPN

* Winners predicted in bold.


The first part of Thursday is a resumption of a previous match on the side of the winners of the group of Petites Ligues du Monde.

On Sunday, South Chungcheong won a 4-0 win over Willemstad, propelling Curacao to the losing side. Since then, Curaçao has won victories over British Columbia, Canada, and Maracaibo, Venezuela, beating these opponents by a combined score of 17-3 to have another chance to play against South Korea.

South Chungcheong was on a win to qualify for the regional final of the group’s international side but was beaten Wednesday by 7-2 against Chofu City, Japan. He will have another chance to play against Japan in the international final if he can beat Curacao.

In South Korea’s previous win over Curacao, Jinwon Na and Suho Yang had combined to hit and knock at 12. Although South Korea lost, she became the first team to score against Japan at the Na tournament and Gibeom Jung hit home runs.

Curacao has played better since their defeat against South Korea, but it will still struggle to beat them Thursday, especially because South Korea will be motivated to play a rematch against Japan.

In Thursday’s second game, River Ridge, Louisiana, and South Riding, Virginia, will meet for the first time in the tournament.

Virginia won its first two games before losing 12-1 to Hawaii on Wednesday. However, there were signs of hope in this confrontation; After losing 8-2, he used the third round of six points to tie the game.

Louisiana is ready for a tough challenge after Virginia beat their first two opponents 14-0 before losing a tight match against Hawaii, one of the best teams in the tournament.

In their first game, Louisiana lost to Hawaii 5-2. But the team has played better since then, winning victories over Salem, Oregon, Coon Rapids, Minnesota and Elizabeth, New Jersey, to reach that point.

However, Virginia seems to be the strongest team, so it’s not surprising to see the team beat Louisiana and get a rematch against Hawaii in the US final.