Last of Us 2: ‘A game about the bad guys who are struggling to survive’

Last of Us 2: Six years have passed since Ellie and Joel ventured into a post-apocalyptic America in the hit game The Last Of Us.

But finally, the fans’ waiting is almost over. Sony has announced the release date of The Last of Us 2.

They also released a new trailer, full of action, terror and emotional gatherings.
But how do you follow such an acclaimed game? And I needed a suite?

The last part, the second part, will be published on February 21, 2020. Players can therefore book their day off now.

“People are really excited,” journalist and game presenter Alysia Judge told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Last of Us 2, A game about the bad guys who are struggling to survive'

“Even the people who, at the end of The Last of Us, said it was perfect and they did not need a sequel.”

Perfect could get things done, but the first game got an impressive 95% score on the Metacritic review site, won numerous awards, and sold more than 17 million copies around the world.

Killing felt exactly what it should be; Horrible

Alysia claims to have achieved this success, in part because the creators of the game, Naughty Dog (the team behind Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted) have mixed powerful stories, incredible graphics and asked players more than most titles to wholesale budget.
“These are bad people who are doing bad things to survive.” Killing someone here was felt right: horrible, “said Alysia.

Last of Us 2 , A game about the bad guys who are struggling to survive'

“It was not just another game about zombies, it was about humans and people, and finally, about the fundamental relationship between Joel and Ellie.”
“His graphics were incredibly incredible and then they combine that with this really strong story.”

The Last of Us was launched in 2013 towards the end of the PlayStation 3 period built into our TVs and the last part of The Last Of Us Part II comes when many people expect Sony to start playing the PlayStation 4 .

But while many fans are excited about the new trailer and the release date, Alysia says it will remain calm until February.

“We will not know what it is when we play it”

After all, Naughty Dog has previous experience in cheating players.
“In this game, it looks like you’re playing Ellie for the most part … but we’ll see,” she said.

She is still burned by the way Naughty Dog remained vague about Joel and Ellie’s relationship before the release of the original game and what the characters were about to achieve.

“Naughty Dog often plays with fans’ expectations for the trailer, and I think we will not really know what the next game will look like once we start playing it.”