Kirby Smart Reveals Why Georgia Pilot James Cook Has Not Received More Contacts

Kirby Smart

Georgia football coach Kirby Smart is still looking for ways to improve and improve his football team.

That’s why Smart said on a radio show on Thursday that he wanted James Cook to receive more hits for the offense.

Smart explained that Cook’s relative lack of touch in the offensive over the last two games had more to do with the defenses the Bulldogs had to face than the games.

“In a lot of movements … there are options, whether it’s the type or some other type, that’s the option, and a lot of them just have not followed their path because the Defenses dictate that “I do not want him to have the ball, I want someone else to have the ball,” Smart said.

“In the world of football, each game has three moves and the average supporter observes and says,” Oh, D’Andre Swift has the ball “, well, this game could have been D’Andre, or could it have been James or could have been (Lawrence) Cager, and that’s largely based on what the defense is doing. ”

Cook had only a postponement and a kick against Notre Dame, and last Saturday in Tennessee, he only touched the ball twice.

This contrasts a lot with the first three games of the season, when Cook had 8 passes for 103 yards and 6 catches for 57 yards.

Smart explained what it means to determine the number of hits a player receives, and that there are times when the ball goes to a specific player.

“We’re always talking keys or” he plays “, which means he gets the ball, we have games where this man gets the ball, it does not matter,” said Smart. “Then we have games that really depend on Jake (Fromm) to determine where the ball is going, and that depends on what the defense gives you.

“James probably lost three or four contacts in a match where the appearance dictated he was just not right.” Where we had other games, I think Vanderbilt game, I think you saw a lot, James. ”

What Smart wants to point out is that this is not a case of Georgia that does not want Cook to keep the ball.

“Therefore, it’s not intentional in any way, and we want to try to give it more keys, but in the end, there is only one ball and only X number of hits. So we have to make sure that we are efficient with our keys, “says Smart.

“I want everyone to get the ball back,” he said. “My ultimate goal, to be honest with you, is to win the game … (but) if we are productive, we need to ask ourselves how we can improve, and if I have to say that there is an area where we could improve, it would be to try to find more ways to give him the ball “.

Here is an overview of the top 10 “contacts” of leaders:

From Andre Swift (77): 66-460 running; 10-147 receptions, 1-4 KR

Bran Herrien (46): 40-251 running, 4-21 receptions, 2-37 KR

Zamir White (27): 26-199 running, 1-5, receptions

Tyler Simmons (21): 7-47 running, 6-56 receptions, 8-134 PR

James Cook (20): 9-99 running, 8-69 receptions, 3-57 KR

Lawrence Cager (15): 15-197 receptions

Demetris Robertson (14): 2-29 running, 12-153 receptions

Kenny McIntosh (13): 13-128 running

George Pickens (12): 12-185 receptions

Dominick Blaylock (11): 9-179 receptions 2-17 PR

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