“Joker” may beat CEO’s record Todd Phillips despite fears of attack

The “Joker” steals box office records with $ 39.8 million in ticket sales Friday, despite weeks of security concerns over possible theatrical attacks.

The film is about to break the career record of director Todd Phillips with $ 85.9 million for the opening of “The Hangover 2”, which lasts three days, and it should receive between 188 and 194 million dollars , announced Deadline. It’s just behind the opening October world record set by “Venom” last year at $ 207.4 million.

In the weeks leading up to the start of the thriller on Thursday, law enforcement across the country, including the US military. UU. And New York police have issued warnings of potential violence inspired by the murderous clown character of Joaquin Phoenix.

At least two theaters have canceled Warner Bros. movie screenings. because of threats.

A theater in Huntington Beach, California, reopened on Friday after a threat overturned Thursday’s “Joker” screenings, authorities said without specifying the nature of the threat, the Los Angeles Times reported.

No cases of violence were reported in the presentations until Saturday morning, but a teenager from North Carolina was arrested for threatening to “turn” a movie theater in Wilmington, according to the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office .

The suspect, 17-year-old Nikolai James Dixon Jr., is said to have published the social media threat over the past week, the Wilmington Star-News reported.

Another California theater has been attacked by a real-life jester who has criticized the army’s warning about possible attacks by the “incel” community of unintentional single men.

“We have a strict policy” There are no guys looking like they have never had sex “for tonight’s JOKER shows for security reasons,” reads a poster posted in a ArcLight Cinema somewhere in Los Angeles, followed by a rude message about male anatomy, according to images of the sign posted on social networks.

ArcLight has posted a public response to the poster, stating in a Tweet “that it does not reflect our operational policies and has since been removed”.