Hybrid SIM slot is a new technology very confusing for smartphone buyers

Hybrid SIM slot is a term in the world of smartphones that is not unusual for smartphone enthusiasts. If you’re the type who digests news about smartphones, phone specifications, and reviews, you should have found the phrase. dual SIM hybrid slot. While some are curious to know what it is, others ignore the word “hybrid” and focus only on “dual SIM”.

The is a new technology very confusing for smartphone buyers. When we hear this word, we do not know it or are ready to know it. What is this technology and how will it help us?

The dual-slot is common to smartphones these days. Only a few smartphone manufacturers (such as Apple) choose to use a single SIM card slot. And as we all know, dual SIM card slots allow phone users to simultaneously use two SIM cards without interruption. Hybrid SIM dual slots perform the same task, but their mechanism has a twist.

The hybrid dual SIM slot is a smartphone technology that many mobile device manufacturers use in new flagship smartphones. Instead of providing 3 separate slots (2 SIM card and 1 memory card), only some offer two slots. On these 2 slots, 1 SIM slot used, while the second slot used as a SIM or SD card. In short, a user has two options for the second location (what kind of location do you want).

What does Hybrid mean

Hybrid means a tool that combines the advantages of previously separate technologies. Dual SIM hybrid slot is a technology that offers both the features of a SIM card and a MicroSD card.

The dual SIM hybrid slot also means that the OEM has only provided two slots. instead of the traditional three dual SIM card slots and a MicroSD card. In other words, two SIM cards are used or a SIM card slot is sacrificed to fulfill the function of a MicroSD card slot.

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Therefore, it is up to the user to decide whether to use two SIM cards simultaneously or use a single SIM card and a single MicroSD card. In most cases, it is the second SIM card slot that plays a hybrid role.

Manufacturers that offer this feature always try to ensure that the phone’s internal storage is large enough to accommodate many files and thus allow the use of both SIM card slots. Then, it is up to the phone user to decide if more memory is needed, hence the “sacrifice”. Of course, the internal memory we are talking about is generally between 32 GB, 64 GB, and even 128 GB.