Hard Rock Hotel, Cranes demolished after the collapsed

Hard Rock Hotel, 3 dead and 18 wounded in the collapse of a hotel. More than 12 hours after the series of controlled explosions that shot down two cranes in the collapsed hotel, the Hard Rock Hotel, debris was seen cascading down the street. The rain of metal and concrete debris fell from the building around 5 am on October 21st.

The late implosion of the two crane towers finally occurred around 3 pm October 20th. At a press conference held after the event, Mayor LaToya Cantrell and NOFD Chief Tim McConnell said the implosion was a success, even though a crane was precariously rocking the remains of the building.

Plans to remove the remaining debris from the site have not yet been made public. ICE has arrested a construction worker who survived the collapse of the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel and is expected to be deported.

Delmer Ramírez Palma was arrested a few days after speaking to a local news channel about his imminent escape from the building in the fall on October 12. The Honduran worker was arrested two days later for allegedly fished without a license, reports NOLA.com. He was arrested at the Bayou Wild National Wildlife Refuge, east of New Orleans. When agents asked him to identify himself, Ramirez showed “documents attesting to foreign citizenship,” said a spokesman for the Border Patrol.

Three construction workers were killed in the accident and more than 20 people were injured when several floors of the multi-storey building under construction collapsed. Two cranes were seriously damaged by the collapse of the upper floors of the hotel, throwing debris into the street and dust columns in the air, near a corner of the city’s historic French Quarter.

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Ramírez’s lawyers said his client needed surgery, but they could not access much-needed medical care at the Oakdale, Louisiana detention center. He is one of five workers who were injured in the collapse and filed a lawsuit on Friday in the Orléans District Court against the project owners and contractors.

They claimed that the collapse was caused by inadequate materials and supports used during the construction of the partially completed hotel. The cause of the collapse is unknown and an investigation is underway by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

Daryl Gray, Ramírez’s lawyer, said his client’s case is a good example of why some of the bankruptcy workers were reluctant to come forward. Gray said at a news conference: “[Workers] fear being deported or getting other compensation from their employers.
“Immigrants are being exploited for the growth of our great nation. And this is not necessarily the case.

Bryan Cox, a regional spokesman for the ICE, told The Times-Picayune that it was “just wrong” to suggest that Ramírez’s arrest was directly related to his job at the construction site of the ICE. Hard Rock Hotel.

Controlled explosions began yesterday to knock down the two cranes that had been precarious for days above the partially collapsed hotel. The city rushed to remove the cranes in front of tropical storm Nestor. It worked “exactly” as planned, according to the authorities, and efforts are now focused on recovering two bodies that are still inside the ruined building.

The cranes, one about 82 meters high and the other high, weighed thousands of tons. They were dangerously bowed and officials feared that the towers would collapse by themselves, crashing into nearby buildings or severely damaging underground gas and electricity lines.
Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans said she hoped the hotel would finally be demolished.

“We know we are safer now than we have been in the last eight days,” he said.
The experts, including the engineers who worked on the demolitions after the September 11th terrorist attacks, were summoned to try to develop a plan to clean the site and prevent further injuries and damage before the cranes fell. ‘themselves.