Fresno State football vs. UNLV preview in the state of Fresno

UNLV football preview in the state of Fresno with questions from readers
A few days after potentially saving their season with a 34-10 victory at Vanderbilt, the Rebels are back on the road, looking to stay at Fresno State (7 pm, CBS Sports).

Fresno State football vs. UNLV preview in the state of Fresno
(Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau)

A win would improve the UNLV to 3-4 in the season and would really open the door too late eligibility for the bowl this season. Can the rebels do it?

Preview the game by answering questions from readers:

It is a difficult situation to read. Tony Sanchez said Kenyon Oblad was the owner, but Armani Rogers could play. He said the same thing last week against Vanderbilt. This week, Sánchez wasted no time in his press conference on Monday, saying that Oblad was making headlines and downplaying Rogers’ chances of contributing to the state of Fresno.

According to the schedule given by the coach, it seems that Rogers is moving away from the game. So, Sanchez really wants to wait until Rogers has 100% to interpret, or the coach likes what he sees at Oblad and wants to run with his burning hand for a moment.

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There is an old saying that you do not lose your job because of an injury, but it has been refuted again and again. If the holder is injured and the backup goes in and out, the tasks change hands all the time. If Oblad continues to hit more than 60% of his passes and limit ball losses, he will give Sanchez at least a difficult decision in the coming weeks.

As always, mailbag entries written in “talk of” format receive preferential treatment, so, of course, I put it at the top of the list.

Fresno State football, The UNLV exhibition at West Coast Baptist College next Friday will be our first opportunity to see T.J. Otzelberger’s offensive system in action, and that’s usually what will interest me the most. How fast will the Rebels play? How will the crime be structured? Who will be the focal points of the attack in midfield? These are things that we can see and evaluate realistically in an exhibition.

Regarding the players, I’m interested in the duo of guards returning from the young Amauri Hardy and the second year Bryce Hamilton. Both are talented scorers, but they are also natural dribters who feel more comfortable hitting the ball on the perimeter. That will not fly in Otzelberger’s attack because he wants his players to move, cut and pass quickly.

Standing up and playing the iso ball is not your game, let’s see how Hardy and Hamilton adapt to it.

And there are so many gifs by mail from The Simpsons that I could probably make a list of the top 20, and still sweat to cut numbers 21, 22 and 23. Maybe next week?

Fresno State football, Mountain West is seriously considering moving from 18 conference games to 20 for men’s basketball and, due to media noises, this could happen next year. UNLV is against the move, but the rest of the league is almost unanimous in wanting extended hours (the state of San Diego is also opposed).

The professional, from the point of view of the league, is to help other teams to more easily define their schedule outside the conference. Convincing quality opponents to come and play games on the road in the CMM Arena is not an easy sell. Reducing the number of scams eliminates the need to pay for horrible equipment to meet these dates.

The disadvantage, from UNLV’s point of view, is that it could actually hurt the quality of your agenda. The rebels are capable of attracting great opponents (in recent years, Duke, Kansas, Cincinnati and Arizona have played against UNLV in Las Vegas). They would therefore hypothetically replace two of these opponents with a conference match against San Jose State or Air Force could seriously reduce the expected force in the schedule of the

UNLV. The rebels want the freedom to program as they see fit.
This is a difficult decision because both parties have valid arguments. In this situation, what is good for UNLV is not necessarily good for the league and vice versa.