Fortnite Borderlands 3’s new crossover includes Psycho, Claptrap and a Pandora area

The world of Borderlands has invaded Fortnite Island. The latest update to the Battle Royale game features a new crossover event with the upcoming Borderlands 3 shooter, which includes the expected add-ons, such as a Psycho skin and a Claptrap backpack that you can purchase, along with rewards free of charge such as gun wraps and sprays.
However, the most interesting is a completely new area that appears near Paradise Palms, based on Pandora, the strange planet where the Borderlands series unfolds. The area appears as a crack zone, a new type of temporary space introduced during Season X, and looks a lot like Borderlands, with shaded images in it for Fortin characters. If you stay in the area long enough without taking damage, you will generate a shield.
Borderlands 3 has a billion weapons and its most dangerous weapon is vlogging.
Fortnite has become a favorite spot for crossover events, including blockbusters such as Avengers: Endgame and John Wick: Chapter 3. But this is the first big collaboration with another video game. (Unless I count the short life of Infinity Blade). Apart from the cross event, Fortnite also receives a pretty important update; The most notable addition is the new Bubble Shield element. You can read the full release notes here.
The Borderlands 3 event will run until September 10th, just days before the game’s release date, September 13th.