Former President Jimmy Carter celebrates his 95th birthday.

Former President Jimmy Carter celebrates his 95th birthday on October 1, consolidating his position as the most active president in US history.

The 39th President, who left his imprint on the White House at the White House as a human rights activist, author, teacher and Sunday school teacher at the church, shares the celebration with the public by offering a reduced rate on entry. Presidential Library The Atlanta Presidential Library Jimmy Carter announced that the admission price on Tuesday would be only 95 cents, a penny for every year Mr. Carter was alive.

Jimmy Carter officially became the oldest living president in history earlier this year, when he beat former President George H. W. Bush at 94 and 172 days. Mr. Carter left his job 38 years ago and continues to work hard, even in retirement. In 2002, he became the only US President to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for work done after his tenure.

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Jimmy Carter has written more than 30 books and has been a distinguished professor at Emory University for more than three decades. He finally arrived at school between the ages of 94 and 37 after he began teaching there. Over the years, Habitat for Humanity has also played a leading role as a volunteer in the construction of housing for people in need.

Jimmy Carter has also fought in many health struggles. In 2015, he was diagnosed with melanoma that spread to his brain and liver. “I was ready to go, but things have improved,” he told CBS News after immunotherapy treatments helped defeat cancer.
The former president also has another important title: husband. He and his wife Rosalynn Carter have been married for more than 72 years.

Earlier this year, Mr. Jimmy Carter broke his hip at home when he fell while looking for turkeys. He later underwent hip arthroplasty. But less than a month later, the 94-year-old has returned to Sunday school.