First $ 300 Million TV Show on Netflix Contract

When the mega-producer Ryan Murphy’s first project announced a $ 300 million contract with Netflix, the fruits of this expensive workforce are numerous.

A kind of satirical comedy, The Politician presents an impressive cast including Gwyneth Paltrow, Bob Balaban, Jessica Lange and Broadway star Ben Platt.

It is an exuberant, exaggerated and ambitious series that has extraordinarily high production values. Pay attention to the different wallpapers that decorate these Santa Barbara houses, from palm leaves to flamingo feathers.

But the ambitions of the politician were not up to its unstable performance, which makes it a very mixed bag, sometimes deliciously entertaining, sometimes intelligent and sometimes ridiculous, but not in a good way.

Payton Hobart is a Grade 12 student with a very clear course in front of him. He thinks he’s the president of the United States. UU. And he worked on what it means to become president of the student body at his school and go to Harvard.

An adopted son of a cold father (Balaban) and a loving but sad mother (Paltrow), Payton is supported by a group of friends as intelligent and calculating as determined.

Together, they plan and conspire to win the presidency, a contest that these privileged rich children take as seriously as any real election.

Through this school election, does the politician face all the dirty and dehumanizing aspects of any political struggle, including choosing the partner on the formula – the only Haitian boy at school or in Infinity (Zoey Deutsch ) or the black lesbian Skye (Rahne Jones)

These rich white children claim to be wiser with their choice.

While there are definitely some smart and laughing moments, the choice of The Politician’s school has almost no bite or vision like the 1999 election film by Alexander Payne.

The best episode of The Politician is his fifth short chapter (26 minutes) that changes the perspective of a random student at school, the so-called average voter.

Follow his experiences on polling day, as he is pursued by both campaigns while all he wants to do is watch her breasts, her ass and masturbate in peace. This is a scathing description of the American electoral system. UU. And the apathy of the voters and the reason the polls seem so out of place.

The politician stumbles trying to be too complex, attacking too much and not as deep as he hoped. What does the program really say about the super rich?

In his haste to be so intelligent, he loses the connective tissue: the parts are more than the sum of his parts.

Like many of Murphy’s works, The Politician can be pretty arc and melodramatic, but the tone here is inconsistent.

Some characters and their actors, Platt like Payton, Julia Schlaepfer like Alice, Payton’s girlfriend, and Dylan McDermott, are much more educated, while others, Lucy Boynton Astrid, are almost naturalistic, almost.

Then there is the whole secondary plot involving Infinity and her grandmother (Jessica Lange), in addition to the ridiculous boyfriend, Ricardo (Benjamin Barrett), who has the feeling of being in another television show. Everything is so intense and so cold that it can be frustrating.

Which does not mean that The Politician is a cancellation. He is always so friendly and fun for a pretty easy frenzy. It’s just a little light, closer to Glee or The New Normal than true Murphy fans like Pose or American Crime Story.

The Politician is available to broadcast on Netflix from 5:00 pm. AEST today.