Edward Snowden Searched Intelligence Networks For Evidence Of Aliens

Edward Snowden told Joe Rogan that he searched the National Security Agency (NSA) network for evidence of extraterrestrials, traces of chemicals, and other popular conspiracy theories.

Edward Snowden Searched Intelligence Networks For Evidence Of Aliens
The Guardian/Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras

“In the book, I’m talking about extraterrestrials, traces of chemicals, etc., and the fact that there is no proof of that.” I went to do a search on the web, I know, Joe, you want there to be aliens, “Snowden told the host of” The Joe Rogan Experience “in an episode released on Wednesday.

“There are probably some, are not they?” But the idea that we hide them if we hide them, had ridiculous access to the networks of the NSA, the CIA, the army, all of them. groups, I did not find anything, “said Snowden. “So, if it’s hidden, and can be hidden, it’s really hidden, even people inside.”

In 2013, Snowden, an NSA contractor who had previously worked for the CIA, disclosed to reporters thousands of documents related to globally and nationally classified mass surveillance programs. Documents leaked by Snowden include the government’s ability to access Google accounts directly, millions of Verizon call logs routed to general intelligence and espionage agencies, and leaders from dozens of countries, including allies. near.

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“I saw something that was wrong, I found that the government was breaking the law and that I thought I was the US Constitution, more generally human rights, for everyone in the States. And the world, “said Snowden. Rogan: “There were national surveillance programs, there were mass surveillance programs operating at the international level, basically, everything they could monitor was monitored.”

Snowden told Rogan how, he said, the intelligence services could have prevented the September 11 attacks but failed because of the territoriality between agencies and the “connection on fire” databases that kept diverted information. After the attacks, the intelligence services significantly expanded their capabilities and reduced their supervision, citing legal restrictions as the reason for intelligence failures that led to the attacks, which Snowden described as “bull”.

“In a moment of fear, we have lost our reason and abandoned all the traditional constitutional restrictions that we apply to these agencies, we have also abandoned all the traditional political restrictions and restrictions, as well as the ideological belief systems regarding the limits of the secret police, a free and open society “

But while Snowden became skeptical not only of intelligence agency methods but also of his motives, he advised against believing in conspiracy theories requiring secret and massive coordination.

“Everyone wants to believe conspiracy theories because it gives meaning to life, it helps us to believe that someone is controlling, that someone is making decisions,” Snowden said. “There are real conspiracies, but they usually do not appeal to tens of thousands of people unless they talk about the existence of the intelligence community itself, which is basically based on the idea I think there are 4 million people in the United States who have security clearances, you can make sure that all these people never talk to reporters. “

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