Disney World’s New Skyliner Cableway System Leaves Passengers

Firefighters responded to help visitors to the Walt Disney World Park trapped on the new Florida aerial cableway system.

The social media posts showed photos or videos at night including a crane mounted like a seemingly stationary gondola and a group of cars stacked against each other in a station, some of the cars being titled as if they were tight.


The media reports that the Disney Skyliner cable cars were stuck in the air on Saturday night. A Disney spokeswoman told the Orlando Sentinel that no injuries had been reported.


The passengers said on social media that they were stuck in closed cable cars for over an hour. The cause of the incident was not immediately clear.

Skyliner aerial gondolas were opened to visitors last week. Gondola lifts visitors from hotels to theme parks three stories above ground while traveling at 18 km / h. No more than 10 people are allowed in each cable car.


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