Chancellor of an interim license in ECU after the publication of his photos at the bar

GREENVILLE, NC – Dan Gerlach, acting chancellor of the University of East Carolina, was put on administrative leave Monday by the UNC system. Over the weekend, photos and videos of Gerlach appeared in a bar in Greenville, North Carolina, known to be frequented by ECU students.

Announcing the departure of Gerlach, UNC acting President Bill Roper said: “In the light of the reports of last weekend, the Acting Chancellor of the ECU, Dan Gerlach, was put on administrative leave expects a further investigation. “

The reports Roper quotes are photos and videos first published on Gerlach’s social networks drinking, dancing and interacting with people in a Greenville bar.

Gerlach was appointed acting chancellor in May following the expulsion of Cecil Staton after a confrontation with Harry Smith, then chairman of the board of governors. Smith resigns as president effective October 1 but has indicated he will remain on the board.

A spokeswoman for the ECU confirmed Sunday that Gerlach had visited two campus bars on September 25 and interacted with people there.


“Gerlach is known for his selfies with students, staff, and teachers on and off-campus.” The videos and photos he asks show that Gerlach interacts with college-age young adults and takes selfies. “said Jeannine Manning Hutson, head of the ECU. intermediate communications.

In a statement to WRAL News on Monday, Gerlach said he would cooperate “fully and quickly” with the investigation.

“Since I arrived at the ECU, I wanted to be visible and support Uptown Greenville and ECU students, and Pirate Nation attaches great importance to personal commitment, and I will certainly reflect on how I will do it. the future and I regret that these photos and videos do not hinder I also regret that some people perceive these images as being more than they are, “Gerlach said in his statement.

“I am very grateful for the powerful vocal support of so many pirates.”

On Twitter, the response to the controversy has been overwhelmingly in favor of Gerlach. Many commentators have used the hashtag “#IstandwithDan”.


On Twitter, the 519 club, which was one of Gerlach’s judgments, several ECU alumni and at least one practicing professor proclaimed their support for his actions. The club, on Instagram, said: “No one has claimed to behave inappropriately” by Gerlach during his stay.


Another supporter, former ECU student Brandon Avery, questioned the timing of the controversy, noting that it had been less than two weeks since Gerlach announced his intention to seek a permanent position for the post.

“Other title,” commented Avery: “The local witch hunt begins because the acting chancellor is the obvious choice for the permanent position and does not fit into anyone’s agenda.”

When asked for more details, Avery told WRAL News: “I will not launch any specific charges, but suddenly, I have a problem with someone who has only positive reviews since his arrival, soon after his announcement that he is looking for the permanent position does not seem to me to be a good title. “

WRAL has asked Senate Chief Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore to comment on the investigation. Berger spokesperson Pat Ryan said, “We understand that there is an internal investigation into the photos and videos, so it would be inappropriate to comment until all facts are available. “