Carrick boss, Niall Currie, raises troops for Linfield’s showdown to seal the “Holy Grail” of survival

Niall Currie

Niall Currie said that staying in the Premier League of the Danske Bank was “the Holy Grail” for the Carrick Rangers.

Currie’s team has been named by many as a food source for the downhill this season having passed the playoffs of the last playoffs, but, a remarkable thing, if she managed to win an incredible home win for Linfield tonight she would be tied on points with the champions

This is mainly because the Blues are catching up to league games because of their incredible career in Europe. Nevertheless, such a scenario would provide Currie’s men with a significant moral boost to the rest of the world. Bell.

Linfield is probably the favorite to destroy Carrick at the Loughshore Hotel Arena, but it should be noted that the biggest surprise of all time in the Irish league was in 1976 when Carrick, then a junior team, beat Linfield. In the final of the Irish Cup, the Blues will not count their chickens.

The Gers themselves have been knocked out by the lower division teams in the cups of the last weeks.

They first lost to Bangor in the League Cup, then beat Harland & Wolff Welders in Antrim Shield County, which led to a post-game investigation and a positive reaction last weekend with an impressive three success. 0 in Warrenpoint Town.

“We had a big disappointment against the welders, and some home-made truths were described,” Currie said.

“Against the welders from 1 to 11, we were absolutely abominable, and against Warrenpoint, we had from 1 to 11 excellent.”

“For us, the league is the most important thing, we do not want to leave the cup competitions, but to remain in the first division is the Holy Grail for us and we give ourselves a chance.”

“We know there is a long way to go, but we have defeated both teams (Institute and Warrenpoint) in what I consider to be our league and that’s a perfect sign.”

“Being in the Irish Premier League this season, we are a year ahead, and many people expect us to come down again, but we believe we can stay awake.”

“It is often said that we are hard to beat and I like that, there is no doubt that we can mix it, but I think we can also play when the situation is right, and we have threats that can help other teams. ”

“This match with Linfield is exciting for us, it is not a game we should be afraid of, the game will take place on Sky Sports, it’s on our field, there will be a huge crowd and it will be a great evening for the Why not want to be part of the club? ” of this?

“They are the best team in the country, but if we have a good night, we will cause them problems, the plan for us will be competitive, and if you have a bad night, you will never know.”